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2012-03-11 16:03:14 by HectorChainsaw

My name is Jon. I also go by...Adolf Spitler, aka Willim DaFlow, aka Hector Chainsaw, aka John E. Rockstar, aka Brad Spitt, aka Dick Denims, aka Hip Hops Jeremy Lin, aka Ben Singsly, aka Bruce Illest, aka Benicio Del Flowrow, aka Drit Reynolds, aka Charlie Raplin, aka Tom Shanks, aka Dennis Dropper, aka Forrest Spitiker, aka George C. Rock, aka Hank Hysteria, aka Matt Chillin, aka Russell Flow, aka Flow Jackson, and many more names I randomly think of when I'm writing or performing or thinking about weird shit.

I'm a producer and MC and sound engineer.

Hey! SoundCloud!!

Check me out on Reverb Nation: http://www.reverbnation/johnerockstar

Or on Facebook: 81012514083



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