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CLAB - Chainsaw vs Flip CLAB - Chainsaw vs Flip

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Thanks to Flip and all the constructive critisizm.. thank Clabtrap for letting me join in. Sorry to those of you who expected more, this is a rhetorical apology. I got to have my mission straight. No time for battle Dr. Jones.

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Good luck flip in the next round. Generic always wins the war in Wal Mart. You're better than that. Keep "What we be" off your soundcloud. Seriously. PEace.

Kill Bill v Senator Dean Kill Bill v Senator Dean

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Bill Won...
We can all argue about prewritten disses and shit, but anyone battling that tells me they DON"T use them I accuse of lying. Cause we all do it. Especially since none of us have a real mainstream public image.
And you don't get the greatest hype tracks to diss and no one cares about the diss anyways cause they didn't listen to the hype track or any of the competing artists tracks because, like is famous to say in these battles ("I went research so I googled your name, and the search came up like your cock... with nothin but blanks) <--------- free use right there, TAKE IT!!

In the end, maybe Senator did a lil more research and Bill used punches. Here's the thing. I didn't care Bill used prewritten punches, cause I fuckin felt em.
Senator was more relevant to the essence of "CLABTRAP" battling but where is my "OHHHHHH SHIIIITTT!!!" moment?
MC to me hypes and hypnotizes with wittiness and clever word play I can understand, whether it being socially relevant, personal, etc.....

I could take stabs at this battle all day, like everyone else and argue he did or didn't do this or that, or I can just say Bill won because his punches were fresh, his recording quality was better, and his voice translated onto beat. I don't care HOW witty you are, if you can't rap on beat, you can't battle (and I am not being specific to any artist at all, either in this battle or any other one, in fact both we very good about it).

Thats like having a million shells of ammunition with no fuckin cannon to fire it out of.

I think Mao said it after our battle: be mean, give ciritisizm, it's only going to help. SO: here are my only 2 critiques, one for each:

Bill: you use too much prewrittens. somehow they work just fine, a testament to your delivery. Thinkin you personalize every line, a force to be reckoned with. Great battle presence.

Senator: you were reaching on some of those simple rhymes and it killed momentum for me, cause it built up so nig then there were like 2 lines that lost a little of the flare you brought in. Also there was too much defense, I like a good offensive battle both ways, any back tracking to rebuttle is so so for me. otherwise, I think your delivery is really great and your intelligence shines through.

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CLAB- PsioNic vs JoeyKeys CLAB- PsioNic vs JoeyKeys

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Joey K for the win......
I really really like Psionic's flow. But in the end Joey K had the best blend of verbal slangs,,, the filler was appropriate considering no one knows a lot about each other.